Questful: Inclined to Quest or Search

The quest for improvement in businesses and in individuals’ lives is what drives us here at Questful.  Having a fulfilling, contented life involves so many different, intertwined factors.  We look at every factor, and help you improve in each, to collectively move toward that best life.  

Likewise, each business is a carefully-orchestrated set of functions.  Friction in one function can slow the entire business to a crawl.  We blueprint your business to uncover the friction and work with you to remove it, returning your business’s ability to achieve its mission.


Questful For Business

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Lash Yourself to the Mast. (What?!)

I heard the saying, “lash yourself to the mast” recently.  Not something we typically think about in this day of jets and teleportation…  (Ok, we don’t have that yet, but I’m sure it’s coming…) OneDictionary says it means, “To continue in a course of action even when facing great difficulties and likely disaster. To resist […]


Game On!

There’s a scene in the 1992 movie Wayne’s World (geez, was it that long ago?!) where Wayne and Garth, the two main characters in the movie, are out playing hockey in the street.  An upcoming car honks, so the two call out to each other “car!” and move the hockey goal out of the street.  […]


Can’t Buy Me Love…

  Our culture has an interesting relationship with money.  While there are as many variations on this as there are people, the general sense is that we all want more money because we will feel better, people will like us more, we will be more acceptable. There is also the contrarian approach of those who […]


Corporate Traffic Jams

  In my role at work, everything comes down to productivity and effectiveness.  I might even be considered, by some, to be an expert on utilizing process and technology to increase productivity and effectiveness. For today, though, I’m going to give you a metaphor (technically, this is actually a simile…) from both the expert and […]