This morning, a heinous crime was discovered:  Numerous innocent, positive habits were found lifeless, (allegedly) at the hands of the notorious Holiday Travel.  It appears they were suffocated by distraction, fatigue, temptation, and the alternate application of extreme busyness and boredom, all of which fit the pattern of serial habit killer Travel.

Among those found were:

Clean Eating – this poor, young habit had such a promising future.  Those following her would have enjoyed clear thought, lots of energy, youthfulness, and good health.  But the distraction and temptation of holiday meals and eating out – common techniques of Holiday Travel – did her in.  She put up a valiant effort, but just couldn’t survive the onslaught.

Creative Practice – ever the life of the party and the inspiration of many, Creative succumbed to fatigue, busyness, and boredom.  He put up heroic efforts early on, appearing strong and full of fight, but finally, the lights just went out.  He will be missed.

Work Ethic – Mr. Ethic was always thought to be the strongest habit of them all, but in the presence of Holiday Travel, he fainted, and, apparently, just died right on the spot.

Healthy Activity – Ms. Activity, as always, looked like she was battling Travel.  Walking tours, though, were just a smokescreen she put up to make herself look strong, when she actually had the least strength of them all.

With all the habits flagging, they missed the chance to fight Holiday Travel together, and separately met their demise…

Be on the lookout for habit killer Holiday Travel.  If you encounter this fiend, do not call the police – you must fight and resist with all your might to keep good habits alive.  Good luck and God speed!