A while back, I saw – no, became enthralled with – the movie The Greatest Showman, a story about P. T. Barnum getting his start in the circus business.

While the movie itself was inspiring, the music has been in my ears ever since.  Not only was the soundtrack amazing, but many of the included songs have been remade by other artists, sometimes even improving on the original.

In one particular song, from early on in the movie, Barnum sings, “A million dreams are keeping me awake” out of excitement for the world he’s envisioning.

I can relate wholeheartedly to this.  Whether it’s in my genes or somehow developed in me, I have this innate ability and need to dream about the future.  It usually doesn’t keep me awake, but when I’m in that “vision zone”, the dream is so close to reality I can feel it as if it’s real.

Here’s a fork in the road for this post where I could go off and explore a number of psychological and neurological concepts, but in this case I’m going to take the road more traveled:

In this New Year (and, some might say, new decade), dream new dreams!  Dream a million of them!  Dream so deeply that you can touch it!

And above all else, go out and take a step toward making your dreams a reality.  Then take the next, and another, and another…

Happy 2020, everyone!